Personal Development Forum Structure Outline

I’ve created a first-draft outline for the discussion forums to be added to this site (previously announced in July). It isn’t easy to subdivide such a vast field without too much overlap between categories, but to me this seems a decent breakdown.

Technically I could launch the forums right now, but given the size of this site’s audience, I’m doing more planning to make the launch as smooth as possible. For one I’ll need plenty of moderation help. I’ll post a call for moderators as soon as I get the initial forum structure nailed down… probably next week.

I’d love to hear your feedback on this outline, especially from experienced forum moderators/administrators.

A couple items to note: There will be a special forum for people who want to experiment with intention-manifestation. This will make it easy for people to conduct their own group experiments. Secondly, there will be a forum to assist you in forming your own local personal development groups, so you can connect with like-minded people who share your passion for growth. When a stable local group is formed, I may be able to provide a private forum for its members as well (no promises though).

Personal Development

Physical Health – diet, exercise, sleep, fitness, endurance, flexibility, strength, physical skills, sports, health habits, healing

Personal Effectiveness – mental and emotional skills, motivation, goals, self-discipline, productivity, time management, overcoming procrastination, psychology, habits, organizing, problem solving, decision making, intelligence, values, character, integrity

Purpose & Contribution – finding your life purpose, living your purpose, transitioning to a more fulfilling lifestyle, serving the greater good, making a difference, changing the world, lightworkers

Business & Financial – career, work, money, income generation, personal finance, investing, debt, wealth, abundance, entrepreneurship, sales, marketing, commerce

Technology & Technical Skills – computer skills, hardware, software, internet topics, gadgets, blogging, podcasting

Social & Relationships – social skills, family life, friends, soul mates, marriage, parenting, dating, networking

Spirituality, Consciousness, & Awareness – spirituality, the nature of reality, consciousness, awareness, metaphysics, truth, philosophy

Intention-Manifestation – manifesting intentions, law of attraction, vibrational harmony, share your intentions, practice group manifesting

Psychic & Paranormal – psi skills, psychic energy, dreams, lucid dreaming, astral projection, paranormal phenomena, non-physical entities, extraterrestrials, channeling, clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, claircognizance

Fun & Recreation – enjoying life, pleasurable experiences, travel, adventure, games, vacationing, jokes, humorous stories

Local Groups – find or form a personal development or mastermind group in your area


Steve & Erin

Steve Pavlina – Discuss ideas, articles, and podcasts from this site

Erin Pavlina – Discuss ideas and articles from Erin’s site



General & Introductions – general discussion forum for topics that don’t fit elsewhere, introduce yourself, make new friends