Ask Steve – Is Covering Psychic Development Unprofessional?

Don’t you think it’s unprofessional to cover topics like psychic readings and spirit guides?

Not to the spirits. 😉

Given the size of this site’s audience, I fully accept that some articles won’t resonate with certain people. Personally I don’t see that as a problem but rather as a fact to be accepted.

When I write about new agey topics like psychic development, I get long emails from Christian fundamentalists filled with Bible quotes and advising me to denounce Satan. When I write about time management or productivity, people tell me to loosen up and relax (as if my lifestyle were stressful). When I write about waking up early, people tell me I should sleep in. It doesn’t matter what angle I take — there will always be someone to tell me I’m wrong. That’s just the nature of my work.

Erin occasionally gets these kinds of emails too, even though her site is specifically about spiritual and psychic development. She recently got a few from a Christian fundamentalist who took issue with the concept of communicating with spirit guides. Never mind that the Bible reports that Jesus communicated with non-physical entities, including Satan.

I think it’s more effective for people with rigid belief systems to grow via other means than to frustrate themselves by reading this web site. Fundamentalism creates a particularly hard shell around one’s consciousness; however, any fear-based belief system will inhibit your ability to grow consciously, since a big part of conscious growth involves letting go of fear.

In the minds of those who are turned off by certain topics, I’ll accept the labels of “unprofessional kook,” “foul Satan worshipper,” and “dotcom wacko” and continue doing what I do. I consider such topics fair game.

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