Ask Steve – Erin’s Intuitive Readings

I see that Erin is offering readings on her site now. What’s the deal with that?

Earlier this year Erin and I attended a spirituality seminar where we had the opportunity to try doing intuitive/psychic readings of other people. We’ve been developing our intuitive abilities throughout our 12-year relationship (has it really been 12 years???), but this was the first time we made an effort to read for anyone but each other or for friends or family we already knew. People were blown away by our accuracy, and we were a bit stunned as well. Information seemed to flow through us very easily. You can read the full story in our seminar review if you care to know the details.

After the seminar we both decided to pursue this path a bit further. We put out the intention to continue developing our skills for the highest good of all. Each of us started giving free intuitive readings to people we didn’t know to see if we could pick up accurate and useful information like we did at the seminar. It wasn’t hard to find willing people via word of mouth. Erin even did group readings at two parties, and attendees were stunned by her accuracy. Many asked her for follow-up private readings, which she gladly provided… also for free.

I dislike using the word “psychic” and prefer to call these “intuitive readings” since we don’t really try to predict the future. Rather what we do is channel messages from people’s spirit guides and higher selves. This allows us to give people practical and specific guidance along their life path, even if we know absolutely nothing about the person. Such readings often include abundant validation to let the person know the source is legitimate. The feedback Erin and I received was overwhelmingly positive.

A few weeks and many readings later, Erin and I took some time to consciously reassess our situation. This rapid acceleration had taken us both by surprise. Should we begin doing readings professionally? Whether or not we could do it was no longer in doubt, and neither of us were particularly concerned about how such a move would affect our professional reputations (our reputations exist solely in the minds of others, so we don’t control those anyway). The real question was whether or not we should do it. We recognized this was an incredible opportunity to help people on a whole new level, but was it the best way to serve the greater good, especially if it meant cutting back on some of our other activities? What would it mean to add a whole new intuitive readings thread to our lives?

Ultimately Erin and I each made different choices. I decided to pursue intuitive readings only as a private skill but not as a professional one. I made this decision for the same reasons I decided to not to get into professional coaching. I find that one-to-many communication is still the best way for me to serve my purpose. I still enjoy helping people one-on-one for free, but I prefer not to make it part of my profession. I always have the freedom to change course later, but that’s my decision for now.

Erin, however, chose a different path. While I pulled in the reins, she let her horse run free. She gave more free readings locally to build experience and to map out the boundaries of what she could do. Some of her clients began requesting second readings for themselves and referring friends and family as well. Erin received lots of encouragement to start doing this professionally, so last month she went all-in and began offering intuitive readings on her web site.

Erin only launched her site in January of this year, so her traffic is nowhere near mine yet, but her readings took off within the first 24 hours. I helped her with the initial pricing, but we were too conservative. We had to raise her rates after the first week to avoid swamping her. In the first month, she booked nearly 100 clients with a mixture of email, phone, and in-person readings. The feedback has been overwhelmingly positive, and she’s already getting referrals and repeat clients. Several travelers have booked in-person readings with her while attending Las Vegas conferences.

Erin is only doing readings part-time (she still runs several other businesses), so she limits the number of readings she does each day, but friends and family who know her well have been delighted to see her move in this direction. Erin has been developing her intuitive/psychic abilities literally since the age of four, so this has been a long time coming.

I love that Erin is able to help so many people one-on-one. I feel very blessed to be married to such a genuinely compassionate woman. After finishing up a phone reading, she often pops into my office to tell me how happy she is to be doing this. She’s finally doing the work she came here to do.

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