Podcast #012 – Building Confidence

Today’s podcast is about building confidence, a topic that many readers have requested I cover. This podcast will give you four different methods for boosting your confidence.

One of the reasons people don’t feel confident is that they harbor limiting beliefs that block them from tapping into this inner resource. For example, do you believe that in order to feel confident, you must be well-prepared? Believe it or not, that’s a limiting belief. Even if you aren’t well prepared for a situation, you can still choose to feel confident. Confidence is an internal state, and you don’t need an outside-in reason to justify triggering it. While preparation is important, sometimes preparation and experience by themselves aren’t enough to create the feeling of confidence. It’s entirely possible to be competent and well-prepared and still feel tremendous self-doubt. This podcast will help you move beyond those limiting beliefs and learn to get yourself to feel confident whenever you feel it would be in your best interest to do so, such as asking for a date, giving a speech, or taking an exam.

Enjoy the podcast.

Building Confidence

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