Jack Laytham’s Manifestation Story – A Wink From the Universe

Here’s a great story I received from Million Dollar Experiment participant Jack Laytham (posted with permission):

6 pennies
2 nickels
2 dimes
4 quarters
33 cents earned from Adsense
1 $120/month unexpected windfall
2 $75 unexpected credits for opening bank account
1 parking space in downtown Chicago on Sat. night

Total manifested: $271.69

This is really amazing. I’m most impressed by the intention I set while looking for parking. A car pulled out in front of me within seconds of setting the intention and following my intuition to turn around. The best part was the license plate on the car pulling out read… “CONSHS 1”

Wow! That little sign erased any doubts I might have had.

Thanks Steve!

The license plate (i.e. “Conscious One”) is what I call a wink from the universe (or consciousness, source, God, the quantum field, or whatever term you prefer). I often see attention-getting signs like these when I’m trying to raise my consciousness to a new level. I interpret it as a signpost that I’m on the right track.

For example, a couple weeks ago I was preoccupied with thinking about the subject of destiny — or predetermination. I was wondering if each of us has some sort of pre-encoded path for our lives. Sometimes when I look at how the tapestry of my life weaves its way forward, it feels like I’m being guided by a pre-programmed universal plan. As my family and I were driving down the I-15 (parallel to the brightly lit Las Vegas Strip) one evening, I was thinking about this concept of destiny. We were listening to a new CD I’d just bought, Depeche Mode’s new Playing the Angel album (DM has been my favorite music group since 1989). Coincidentally, this entire album can be interpreted as a group of songs about raising one’s consciousness if you pay close attention to the lyrics. The song “Precious” came on, and as I heard the line, “If God has a master plan… that only he understands…” I thought to myself, “I wonder…” Not even one second later, I glanced up and saw a large billboard with the caption, “Master planned to a tee.” It was for a new housing community in Vegas, and the billboard showed a picture of a golf course. My wife was equally shocked when I pointed it out to her. We were headed to a vegan potluck that evening, and a bit later we took a wrong turn and had to double back. But as we turned around, I said, “Don’t worry. This is supposed to happen.” Less than 30 seconds later we passed another copy of that same billboard, one we never would have seen if we hadn’t taken the wrong turn. As it turned out we made it to the potluck exactly on time and had a wonderful evening. Very strangely, the host of the party (whom I’d just met) brought up the topic of polyphasic sleep since he knew someone who tried it, but I had never mentioned to anyone there that I was actually doing it. So of course we ended up having a long conversation about that.

If you start seriously testing your powers of intention, don’t be surprised to see one or more of these winks from the universe. It will definitely get your attention. It’s as if God is saying, “Ah… I see you’ve finally woken up. Good morning.”