Polyphasic Sleep Seinfeld Episode

I’ve been told there’s a Seinfeld episode where Kramer attempts polyphasic sleep. Of course it doesn’t go quite as well for him as it did for me. I haven’t watched Seinfeld in a long time, but given how often Seinfeld re-runs are aired, I figured that particular episode is bound to come up again. I thought it would be fun to watch it, especially since I have a new perspective on polyphasic sleep now.

Just for fun I decided to turn this simple desire into an excuse to further explore the power of intention. So while I was driving my daughter to kindergarten this morning, I put out the intention to see that episode as soon as possible.

After I got home, I had the idea to check which Seinfeld re-runs are coming up next. I went to tv.yahoo.com and did a search on “Seinfeld,” which displays all shows airing within the next 14 days. I scanned the list of episode titles, but the titles didn’t give me any hints. So I did a Google search to first identify the title of that particular episode, and I found it easily. The episode is called “The Friars Club.”

Then I went back to the Yahoo listings to see if that episode would be airing anytime soon. It just so happened that this is the very next episode that’s airing in my location. It will air on TBSP (Turner Broadcasting System – Pacific) this evening at 6pm. I set my DVR to record it.

I’m really enjoying this whole intention-manifestation deal. It certainly keeps me on my toes.