Million Dollar Experiment – Allowing the Money to Come to You

Many people have written to me to say that they feel the Million Dollar Experiment is missing one particular component or another that they feel is necessary for it to work. The funny thing is that each person seems to feel a different “critical” component is missing, whether it be the creation of an action plan, a noble purpose, or some other element associated with high achievement.

My experience thus far indicates that the intention-manifestation model operates at a high enough level that it isn’t necessary to include other add-ons as part of the original intention. Whatever is truly necessary for you to manifest that $1,000,000 will come to you as part of the manifestation itself. So if a noble purpose is necessary for you, you’ll manifest that purpose. If an action plan is needed, that plan will come to you. If better circumstances or opportunities are required, your circumstances will change.

Placing extra constraints on the original intention may unnecessarily limit your results though. For example, if you believe an action plan is necessary, and you filter your intention through that belief, then you’re limiting yourself to manifesting that $1,000,000 through a smaller field of possibilities — those that involve the creation of an action plan. You may miss out on some wonderful opportunities to manifest the money in ways that involves no plan whatsoever.

For each person who thinks X is necessary to manifest $1,000,000, you can probably find someone who did it without X. People have become millionaires in a variety of different ways. Don’t constrain the manner in which money can reach you without very good reason.

Remain open. Accept all possible pathways for money to enter your life. Simply hold the intention, and let it play out however it wants to.

Our group passed $6000 total today. 45 people are now “in the money,” and 9 report they’ve manifested over $100.