Podcasting Update

I won’t be doing a podcast this week, as I have relatives visiting from out of town for the next four days. Time for some fun in Vegas. 🙂

I’d like to know which day of the week you feel is best for posting podcasts. Are you more likely to listen to them if they’re posted on Mondays, Fridays, weekends? I can record the podcasts in advance, so the posting day controls only when they appear. I’m leaning towards Tuesdays, since that’s typically the highest traffic day for this blog.

I’m going to aim for a weekly podcast roughly 15-20 minutes in length, with each one focusing on a single topic related to personal development. It may be a bit sporadic for the first couple months though as I get the hang of it and work it into my schedule. Doing a podcast is a lot more like giving a speech than writing a blog entry. As many people noticed, voice is more expressive than text, so I’ll need to get a feel for which topics are better addressed as blog entries and which as podcasts. I think they can both work synergistically together, but it may take some trial and error to find the right balance.

The first podcast has received about 1700 downloads so far, so I think that’s a decent start. I’ve heard that a very popular podcast might get around 10,000 listeners. Even though this technology is still in its infancy, I expect the popularity of podcasting will grow rapidly over the next few years. Then investors will rush in, and we’ll see the same boom-bust pattern we did with e-commerce a few years ago.

I intend to keep the podcasts free — no paid subscriptions. My purpose in doing the podcasts is to create a new channel for helping people who want to grow and improve themselves.

Thanks again for all the feedback on the first podcast. I will aim to incorporate your suggestions into future episodes.

If you haven’t listened to the first podcast yet, you can find it here:
Podcast #001 – Intro to Personal Development