Dream Food

On Monday night I had another lucid dream. This one happened within the first 30 minutes of going to sleep, which means shorter dream cycles and less vivid dream worlds compared to dreams that occur later at night.

Some people had asked me about eating in a lucid dream, and I’d never given it much thought before. I’d often had regular dreams where I would dream I was eating something, but I don’t recall doing much eating in lucid dreams, especially with the goal of doing a sensory evaluation of the experience.

So this time when I became lucid, I decided to try eating something to see what dream food is like. In the scene where I became lucid, there was a fresh box of donuts nearby — they were actually vegan donuts in my dream world, ostensibly from a nearby donut shop in Las Vegas that makes vegan donuts. I picked up a bear claw (one of my favorites). It looked and smelled like the real thing. I took a bite, and it was delicious. Then I ate the whole thing (and this shop makes really big bear claws, probably close to 1000 calories just for one).

This dream donut was actually a little better than its real world counterpart. First, the apple filling tasted very fresh and was still moist — in real life it’s usually more dried out. The donut part tasted normal, but the apple filling flavor was better than in real life (like it was made from the best organic apples you can get). I was able to eat the donut twice as fast as normal because it didn’t require much chewing — it felt solid in my mouth at first, but it only took a little chewing before it was ready to swallow. The texture was normal, but it dissolved almost like cotton candy after about 2 seconds of chewing. And best of all, the sugary glazed coating on the donut didn’t melt on my fingers and become sticky, and none of the glaze cracked off and fell on the floor.

Overall the experience was a lot like eating a real donut — only better. The nice thing about dream food is that you can eat as much as you want and not get full or gain weight. I could have eaten the whole box of delicious dream donuts, but I opted to spend the rest of the dream practicing other dream skills.

One thing I love about lucid dreaming is that you can decide in advance what you’re going to do the next time you have a lucid dream, and then when you find yourself having one, it’s easy to remember what you wanted to do.

Funny that I even have a to-do list for my dreams. 🙂

Anyone else craving a bear claw right now?